Satao, one of Africa’s largest elephants, killed by poachers for ivory tusks weighing more than 45 kg

National Post | News

One of Africa’s last “great tuskers,” elephants with ivory weighing more than 45 kilograms, has been poisoned by poachers in Kenya.

The bull, named Satao, and likely to have been born in the late 1960s, succumbed to wounds from poison darts in a remote corner of Tsavo National Park, where he had migrated to find fresh water after recent storms.

Yesterday, his carcass lay with its face and great tusks hacked off, four legs splayed where he fell, left only for the vultures and the scavengers.

Richard Moller/Tsavo Trust Richard Moller/Tsavo Trust

Conservationists told how Satao moved from bush to bush always keeping his ivory hidden amongst the foliage. “I’m convinced he did that to hide his tusks from humans, he had an awareness that they were a danger to him,” said Mark Deeble, a documentary maker who has spent long periods filming the elephant. Satao’s killing is the latest in a surge…

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