Pangani – An Insider Tip For Beach Lovers

Dear friends,

you want to relax on a dream beach in Tanzania?
Of course your first thought is Zanzibar. But did you know that there are some great alternatives?

For example Pangani – a town in the north east of Tanzania.
It is 50 km from Tanga, 385 km from Dar es Salaam and 470 km from Arusha.


Several historical sites in and around the town remind on the strong Arabic influence and also the German and British colonial time. Nowadays it is mainly a fishing town with lots of coconut trees, providing beautiful beaches for a great beach vacation.

By the way – the Pangani River flows from the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro! You can enjoy a little boat safari on the river to see crocodiles and different bird species. A walk to the Pangani Waterfalls is also very refreshing.
If you are interested in safari, the Saadani National Park is very close.

Unlike Zanzibar, Pangani is less visited by tourists so you can enjoy the silence there.
The white sand beaches are clean and the local people very friendly. There are some small lodges around, also some which are specialized in Eco accommodation.

pangani beach acc

If you wish we can book your Pangani holiday for you. It is also accessible via air.

Greetings, World Air Travel & Tours


Thanks to the photographers. World Air Travel & Tours doesn’t own these photos.


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