Sauti Za Busara Festival / Part 2


as mentioned in our last post, the Sauti Za Busara Festival on Zanzibar takes place from 13th to 16th of February.
This is exactly the time of our Valentine’s Zanzibar Special.

The Sauti Za Busara is an annual music festival located in Stone Town.
It is open for international visitors as well as locals and brings different cultures together – from young to old.

East African artists and musicians from other parts of Africa and the world perform live on the stage.
Next to the concerts, there are different little shops where you can buy local handicraft and jewellery, there are workshops, films etc.

Some of the artists this year are Ebo Taylor (Ghana/Germany), Joe Discroll and Sekou Kouyate (USA/Guinea), Waldemar Bastos (Angola/Portugal), Sona Jobarteh (UK/Gambia), Wunmi (Nigera/UK/USA), OY (Ghana/Switzerland), Baladna Taarab (Zanzibar), Jhikoman (Tanzania), Ashimba (Tanzania/Finland), Tritonik (Mauritius), Kara Sylla Ka (Senegal/Switzerland), Hajamadagascar and the Groovy People ft. Werner Puntigam (Madagascar/France/Austria), Rajab Suleiman and Kithara ft. Derya Takkali (Zanzibar/Turkey/Germany), Kazimoto (Tanzania/Germany) and many more!

By the way, Busara Promotions is an NGO with the mission to enhance social and cultural growth in East Africa through building appreciation for the region’s music.

If you want to attend the festival, please contact us. We can arrange your flight and accommodation!

Yours, World Air Travel & Tours


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