Ronjo Tented Camp

Habari za wikendi?

We hope you are all fine and enjoy your weekend.

Today we want to inform you about an accommodation located in the central Serengeti – Ronjo Tented Camp.Because it is a mobile camp, the exact location can change every six months.
The central Serengeti is famous for the beautiful Seronera valley and lots of different animals. You are in the middle of nature!

The camp consists of 14 tents plus a mess tent for meals, alongside campfire with deck chairs.
Each tent has two beds (which can be organized as twin or double), en suite bathroom and electricity (but sockets only in the bar).
At the front there is a small terrace where you can sit, observe the flora and fauna and just relax or talk about the safari.

camp serengeti

Ronjo is a medium-standard camp which offers excellent service and is of good quality. All staff is very nice and willing to help.
The camp is also very eco-friendly, using solar power and recycling systems.

Even children under six years are accepted, but remember that the camp has no fence, so you should always have an eye on your child’s safety.

If you want a mix of camping and comfort, this is the right place. It is cheaper than the luxury lodges in the area, but still offers you everything you need and is better organized than most public camping sites.

Yours, World Air Travel & Tours


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