Safari during Christmas and New Year

Good morning everyone,

We hope you are fine and you enjoy your weekend 🙂
As you can see, we also work on Saturdays to provide you with the best service.
Whenever you contact us, we will come back to you within only 24 hours.

But this is not the topic of the day.

We want to remind you, that Christmas and New Year are coming soon.
Many people really like this season for going on a safari.. Specially to escape from the cold in Europe or America.  Karibu! (Welcome!)

In December you can also follow the Great Wildebeest Migration.
The precise timing changes annually and it is unpredictable, but broadly speaking the migration follows clockwise circuit.
So between the holidays you can probably find it in the eastern Serengeti, heading south.

If you are interested in spending Christmas and New Year in Tanzania, we highly recommend booking your trip soon, because many accommodations get booked out so fast.
We also want to mention that some lodges and hotels have special prices for the holiday season.
But anyway it is definitely worth it to take some days on safari and maybe relax on Zanzibar afterwards.

And if you need snow on Christmas – no problem, what about a trekking tour to the top of Kilimanjaro?

Feel free to contact us for the current rates and prices. We will arrange you a Christmas experience which you will never forget!

Yours, World Air Travel & Tours


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