The Lion



Do you know the king of the animals? Yes of course – it is the lion.
He is one of the African Big 5 and very popular because of musicals like The Lion King.

Many tourists who come to Africa really wish to see this big cat.
So today we want to give you some information about this fascinating animal and its life.

The lion is the second-largest living cat after the tiger (which cannot be found in Africa).
There was a time when the lion was the most widespread large land mammal after humans, but that is more than ten thousand years ago. Nowadays lion populations are untenable outside designated national parks. In some areas they are even endangered.

In the wild, lions can live for ten to fourteen years. But especially males seldom live longer than ten years, because of the injuries from fighting with rivals.

The home of these animals is the savanna and grassland, although they can even make it to bush and forest.
They live in groups, called prides, of some related females, their kids and usually one to three adult males. The females are hunting together, especially at night. During day you can find them relaxing most of the time. Some few lions, especially males, prefer a nomadic lifestyle and move around either singularly or in pairs.

The males are easily recognized by their manes which the females don’t have.
Lion coloration varies from light buff to yellowish with a lighter underpart and a black tail tuft. Cubs are born with brown spots which disappear after some time. The male’s mane becomes darker as the lion grows older.

The white lion is not a distinct subspecies, but it has leucism which causes the coloration.
Different from albinos, white lions still have a normal eye color.

Lions weigh between 120 and 250kg whereby the females are lighter than the males.

They don’t mate at any specific time of the year and they may mate with more than one partner.
The average gestation period is around 110 days after which the female gives birth to one to four cubs.

Lion socialization occurs through different behaviors like head rubbing and social licking.
Plus roaring is only one of various vocalizations and can often be heard at night, even from a distance of eight kilometers. Lions have the loudest roar of all big cats.

We are very sure that you will find at least one lion on your game drive!
Your well trained guide from World Air Travel & Tours will give you much more interesting information about this fascinating animal.


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